We serve all dental equipments and materials PAN India.

At THE DENTAL STORE, we help you take care of your dental practices easily and buy Every single dental material from anywhere in just a single click "BUY NOW".

Mainly Located in Jalandhar Punjab, THE DENITIST SHOP is a leading business-to-consumer (B2C), Dental E-Commerce Organization in India.

We enable dentists to purchase dental supplies, equipments, products and services over the Internet. It offers various dental consumable materials used by General dental practitioner as well as other specialized dental fraternity.


Our MOTTO is being a route to everyone for a smile. This means Practitioners do their best work not for want of regards or recognitions but because they know a Smile is the prettiest thing any individual can wear and it is a symbol of SUCCESS. The dentist shop help's them to achieve their goal's with advanced dental technology at the affordable prices on One-Stop Shop

We serve all dental equipments and materials PAN India.

Topline products

Ensuring the best quality of our products is one of our core values and strengths. Why settle for anything less when you can have the best!


A Happy You and a Happy Earth has been our process from the beginning. Never compromising when it comes to looking after our mother EARTH

Excellent Service

Our Customer support Team stays in touch with our buyers throughout the purchase process to ensure they get exactly what they are looking for. We are always ready to listen to them and fulfill their needs better. Every satisfied customer is Our Brand Ambassador.

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