SafeEndo Smart Retract Syringe

Gel for Gingival Retraction and Hemostasis


  • Brand : SafeEndo
  • SafeEndo Smart Retract Syringe : SafeEndo Smart Retract Syringe

    SafeEndo Smart Retract Syringe - 1 Unit

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SafeEndo Smart Retract Syringe

Hemostatic Gel contains 25% of Aluminum chloride, which provides fast and effective hemostasis and does not cause hard and soft tooth tissue coloring. Smart Retract gel is water-based and easy to wash out with water. Gingival retraction takes place immediately and lasts for 20-30 minutes. Dental product is produced for use in aggressive biological medium with a temperature range between 32°C and 42°C (in the oral cavity at the temperature (of 37±1)°C and humidity of 60-90 %).


  • Gingival Retraction gel after the crown bridge, cavity class ii, veneer cutting
  • Capillary Gingival bleeding at the time of restoration
  • Prevent Gingival capillary bleeding
  • Stop Gingival leakage
  • Gingival retraction for impression making and cervical caries treatment.


  • Drug idiosyncrasy
  • Use with great care for the allergic patient


  • High-efficient hemostatic and astringent agent
  • Immediate retraction with a prolonged effect (20-30 min.)
  • Easily washed away with a jet of water
  • No discoloration for contacting tissues and materials
  • Easy to use with the help of a syringe with flexible dispensing tips.



  • Aluminum chloride (25%), Benzalkonium chloride, Gel forming agent.


  • Store at a temperature from 5°C to 25°C.
  • Keep in a dry place
  • Tightly close the container immediately after use
  • Do not use after the expiry date
  • Shelf life – 3 years


  • 1 x 5ml Syringe
  • 5 x Dispensing Tips


SafeEndo Smart Retract Syringe
SafeEndo Smart Retract Syringe

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