Phillips Zoom Light Activated Kit (Expiry-04-2025)

Dual Patient Procedure Kit


  • Brand : Zoom
  • Model : Zoom Light Activated dual Pateint Kit

    Phillips Zoom Light Activated Kit Free Ship - 1 Unit

    Expiry - 22-04-2025

    $ 349.99

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  • Comfort and complete painlessness of the procedure
  • Duration of the WHITENING procedure - 45 minutes
  • The whitening result lasts for a long time
  • Does not thin or damage enamel
  • The lowest concentration of hydrogen peroxide among other whitening systems activated by light


A set for whitening teeth based on hydrogen peroxide 25%: ZOOM ?hairside Kit (for 2 patients)

Advantages -

  • High-tech patented light-activated system
  • Fast / effective (6-10 shades in three 15-minute applications) 
  • Nearly zero sensitivity
  • Complete set for the procedure

Key Specifications:

  •  ZooM! (whitening gel)  - a gel with a hydrogen peroxide content of 25% and amorphous calcium phosphate. Application: applied in a layer of no more than 1 mm.
  •  Light guide limiter - operating time: four cycles of 15 minutes. Allows to whiten teeth for one patient.
  •  Liquidam  - is used to isolate the soft tissues of the gums (when whitening).
  •  Vitamin E Soothing Oil (oil with vitamin E) - used for burns of soft tissues, hydrogen peroxide.
  • Retractor IsoPrep  - the innovative Isoprep retractor has a design that provides full protection of the lips and simplifies access to the surface of the teeth.
  • Cotton swabs, gauze pads (wipes), surgical saliva ejector


  • 2 Complete Patient Procedures( 2 Liquidam Dental Dam + 2 Light Guide + 2 Surgical Suction Tip + 2 IsoPrep Retractor + 2 Vitamin E Oil + 4 Face Bib + 4 Cotton Rolls + 12 Gauze Squares) + 2 Philips Zoom Chairside Light Activated Whitening Gel


Zoom Light Activated dual Pateint Kit

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